General cleaning and care guidelines for HOKA footwear are to hand wash with cold water using a mild soap or detergent, and allow them to dry naturally away from direct heat or sunlight.

Cleaning and care instructions for HOKA apparel vary from product to product, with proper care outlined on the tag for each piece of clothing.

For more specific guidance, consult the following guide:

How to Clean and Dry Wet Running Shoes

You can clean and maintain your running shoes just fine with everyday household items, even if they’re drenched or muddy. The process can be a bit labor-intensive, but your shoes will last significantly longer with proper cleaning. Remember that using a washing machine or dryer for your running shoes will age them rapidly, and take the following steps:

Cleaning Tips for
Different Shoe Materials

Not all HOKA running shoes are made of the same material. While the above “how to” works well enough with nearly all shoe materials, you might want to introduce a few modifications based on the materials your HOKA shoes are made of. Keep the following in mind:

HOKA Shoe Care and Weatherproofing

Preventative care options such as weatherproofing can extend the life of your HOKA footwear. Look into the following: