Finding small and big ways to care for yourself is more important than ever —-whether it’s asking yourself what you need each moment, stretching daily, or breathing in nature. In order to help us each feel our best, doing at least one of these can make a world of difference. So, to celebrate the launch of the Clifton 8 we asked three amazing folks from our community eight things they do each day to feel their best. Keep reading to for Maggie Wade, Tyrhee Moore, and Stanley Kebenei tips.

📸 @wseayjr
📸 @wseayjr

Maggie Wade

HOKA: How would you describe what you do?

MW: I am a professional dancer living in Los Angeles, CA! I have been a dancer since I was a little girl, and I always knew that dance would be a major part of my life. At age 18, as soon as I graduated high school, I moved to LA to pursue my dream of becoming a professional dancer. Years of patience and hard work finally started to come to fruition little by little, job by job, and before I knew it I was REALLY doing it. Every step that I took (big or small) helped prepare me for some of the biggest moments in my dance career.

Being a professional dancer has major ups and downs. One day you can be on stage feeling on top of the moon, and the next day you are back in an audition hoping that another job will land. Because of this process, I discovered my love for movement of the body outside of the dance industry and stepped into the fitness industry as well. I began teaching yoga and fitness, and am fulfilled in a whole new way that I had never imagined. It has been so neat to be able to share my love of movement and knowledge of the body through these avenues.

HOKA: How do you integrate movement into your everyday life? Why is this your go-to?

MW: Being a dancer, movement is a part of my every day life. Dance is both my job and my release, which at times can be tough! Even when I am dancing just for fun, sometimes it can be impossible to turn my work brain off. Because of this, I searched for other outlets of movement that I enjoyed.

My favorite way to get moving is through running outside! When I first began to run, I would just add small bursts of running to my outdoor walk or hike. Eventually, the running bursts started to feel SO good that I would see how long I could run until I absolutely had to walk. Little by little, the runs got longer and the walking got shorter and I began to run miles at a time.

HOKA: How do you define self-care?

MW: Self-care means carving out time specifically for you! Sometimes self-care looks like grabbing a bite to eat with a pal. Sometimes self-care looks like getting outside and enjoying some fresh air. Sometimes self-care can look like taking a nap in your room with all of the lights off and your phone on silent! I think it’s super situational, and each time you’re taking self-care- you truly have to ask yourself what will serve you this most in THIS exact moment.

HOKA: What does the word authentic mean to you?

MW: When I think of the word authentic, the first word that pops into my mind is genuine. Being authentic means showing your true colors and having the courage to be yourself even when it feels tough or scary to do so.

HOKA: What are 8 ways you live your most authentic life?


1. I ask myself what I truly need in each given moment.

2. I ask myself if I am doing certain actions for me, or if I am doing these actions to please others.

3. I make decisions for myself based on what feels right in my intuition rather than what may be considered “right or wrong” in society

4. If I am faced with a situation that causes an immediate emotional response, I make sure that I take the appropriate time to process the situation before I act on it.

5. I ask myself if how I am living my life is making me happy.

6. I ask myself if I would change anything about how I am living if I removed the idea of judgement from others from the equation.

7. I ask myself if there is anything I am holding back.

8. Whenever I feel afraid to live authentically, I check in and remind myself that life is short and you only get one shot at it!

📸 @wseayjr
📸 @wseayjr

Stanley Kebenel

HOKA: How would you describe what you do?

SK: Running is something that I love and its always within me. I cherish it and I always encourage others to do it.

HOKA: How do you integrate movement into your everyday life? Why is this your go-to?

SK: It comes automatically. As a runner discipline is the key to success and that’s why I always endure. I love running and running loves me, so I’m always on the go.

HOKA: How do you define self-care?

SK: Self-care is loving yourself and taking care of your own self.

HOKA: Why is it important to stretch daily?

SK: It helps your muscles in preparation for your daily routine. I

HOKA: What are 8 stretches you like to incorporate and why?

1. Seated trapezius stretch

2. Shoulder stretch

2. Triceps stretch.

3. Lower back.

4. Hip flexor stretch in three planes.

5. Hamstring stretch.

6. Quadriceps stretch.

7. Calf stretch.

📸 @wseayjr
📸 @wseayjr

Tyrhee Moore

HOKA: How would you describe what you do?

TM: I am the founder of Soul Trak, an outdoors man, and mountaineer who likes to convene with the community. The reason why I started Soul Trek is because previously I worked a guide and spent a lot of time in the mountains leading different backpack and mountaineer courses and I was working primarily with groups who didn’t represent my community. So, I want to create a network of outdoor leaders of color. These cohorts are to build and cultivate a community of folks who have like minded interests that want to create change in the community.

HOKA: How do you integrate movement into your everyday life? Why is this your go-to?

TM: I live across from a hiking trail, so I hike on my lunchbreaks or whenever I’m overwhelmed. I have two dogs and they keep me outdoors. I really utilize our national parks as a physical and therapeutic outlet on a daily basis. Hiking trails in urban spaces is one of the best therapeutic outlets that I try to encourage everyone to use.

HOKA: What are 8 tips you have for folks who want to enjoy nature but may not know where to start?


1. Nature is relative. So, whether that’s plants in your window or a garden in your backyard or a park down the street, nature doesn’t have to be a big dramatic landscape that you see in magazines or commercials.

2. When you’re in those spaces, find community or find friends. I think they are a huge motivator to get outdoors.

3. Don’t feel the pressure to do anything in nature. You can just relax and just enjoy breathing and just existing. Take advantage of it for personal for relief.

4. Nature belongs to us —- it belongs to us, we pay taxes on these lands. I know sometimes it can feel really exclusive, but they are public spaces, and we all have a right to be there.

5. Don’t feel bad if you can’t get out all of the time. I know sometimes there can be guilt around not getting out often, but there’s no reason to feel pressure to feel live up to a standard.

6. Be kind to nature. We do a lot of work to give back to the environment to thank it for the time it has allowed us to exist there. So any opportunity that you can to pick up trash or help or do some trail maintenance.

7. Use nature to slow down. My day to day is really busy and I’m flooded with notifications from my phone and I think that when I’m in nature I’m able to just be in that moment.

8. Have fun!

📸 @wseayjr
📸 @wseayjr

Tyrhee is featured wearing the Men’s Performance Short Sleeve, the Men’s Wind Pant, and the Clifton 8.