Runnning couple wearing Bondi X shoes.
Runnning couple wearing Bondi X shoes.


Get everything you want from a running shoe – and more. Looking for intense cushioning? We've got it. A super-lightweight design? Of course. Next-level technology? Tick. HOKA® was created in 2009 by Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, two trail runners who had one thing in mind – maximising running speed. Since then, we've gone from strength to strength and created running shoes loved by novices and professional athletes. HOKA® was founded by runners, for runners. Try our shoes and go faster than you've ever dreamed of.


From our J-Frame™ outer sole that combats overpronation to our groundbreaking ergonomic technology, you're in for an incredibly smooth ride. HOKA® running shoes deliver a seemingly impossible combination of lightweight design with cloud-like cushioning. So, you get relentless comfort and a springy feel every time you run. Whether you're tackling your first mile or you've got a few ultramarathons under your belt, our midsoles offer the right thickness for your running level. You get the support you want and nothing you don't. PROFLY™ intelligent cushioning blends a soft landing with a snappy toe-off. Expect responsiveness you can feel with every step.


Ever since we founded HOKA®, we knew we'd be different. Whether you're taking in breathtaking views from the Carpathian Mountains or training for the sand trails of Burning Heads, we've got a shoe to suit you. Our Active Foot Frame embeds your feet into the midsole, while Meta-Rocker geometry drives your feet through the gait cycle. You're free to attack any trail or put rubber to the road in pursuit of your fastest run times yet. Thanks to HOKA®'s aggressive outsoles, your focus is firmly on the finish. And we'll get you there with a weightless feel. You could be jogging around the block, tackling a muddy field, or racking up miles for the Kyiv City Marathon. All you need to do is lace up and get going.