Runnning couple wearing Bondi X shoes.
Runnning couple wearing Bondi X shoes.


Our running-obsessed founders, Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, set out to do something incredible in 2009. They wanted to create a shoe that maximised speed and improved downhill traction. Fast forward to today – their innovations are helping runners around the world to move better and faster. Whether you're pounding park paths or unpredictable terrain, HOKA® running shoes deliver unparalleled performance. Our shoes are engineered for a smooth ride, whatever the distance. A combination of agility and cushioning will take you to the finish line and beyond. If you're passionate about running, HOKA® is about to become your new best friend.


HOKA® is a Maori word meaning ‘to fly over the earth’. And you'll see why Nicolas and Jean-Luc chose this name when you take your first step. Whether you're running alongside the Black Sea or hitting the trails in Belgrado Forest, our shoes will make you feel fast and free. HOKA®'s Active Foot Frame keeps your heel and foot secure. Multi-directional lugs on the rubber outsole offer incredible traction on all surfaces, from the track to the mountains. The PROFLY™ intelligent midsole provides cloud-like cushioning, combined with quick toe-offs for game-changing speed. We design HOKA® shoes to work with your natural running gait and to keep you going mile after mile.


Professional athletes and part-time runners turn to HOKA® running shoes when they want ultimate comfort and incredible speed. Our lightweight shoes offer the right level of support for you, whether you want a responsive or forgiving ride. J-Frame™ technology with supportive foam stops feet from overpronating. Plus, Meta-Rocker geometry propels you forward by reducing the height difference between your heel and toes. Whether you're a casual runner or training for the Iznik Ultra, you'll experience a weightless feeling with minimal impact. Focus on achieving running greatness, knowing that you'll be supported all the way.