Women running in HOKA apparel and the new Bondi X shoe.


Become a racer with HOKA for a chance to win a pair of Bondi X


HOKA® shoes are designed for all runners. They meet your abilities where they are to give you the fastest times of your life. In 2009, Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard set out to create a shoe that made downhill descents faster. It turns out, footwear that makes challenging conditions easier to tackle can help all sorts of runners out-perform themselves. From mountain runners to marathon runners, HOKA® shoes deliver the groundbreaking technology you need to run longer and faster in complete comfort.


HOKA® shoes – created by runners, built for you. Whether you're on the track or on wild terrain, you need a shoe you can count on. HOKA® running shoes provide responsive ground contact with traction and grip from the outsole in the right places. Designed to launch you off the line, a carbon fibre plate curls under the toes for aggressive propulsion. Our super-lightweight shoes are made for unbelievable speed, whether it's race day or you're cruising alongside the Danube in Bratislava. When the competition heats up, our breathable designs will keep your feet cool and dry.


Until you've worn a pair, you can't fully understand


. But we can try to explain. PROFLY™ cushioning is equal parts soft and explosive. This two-part midsole creates smooth landings and astonishingly responsive toe-offs. With lightweight foam, you get a reactive ride with a springy midsole at the right level of thickness for your running type. Our J-Frame™ outsole and Meta-Rocker technology combine to support a stable gait, so you can push your limits with every stride. Hit the half-marathon circuit in Železná Studnička forest and feel our Active Foot Frame cradle your heel and lock the foot firmly into place. HOKA® is a Maori word meaning 'to fly over the earth'. And that's what it feels like to run in our shoes. Our ergonomic designs support your feet so you can push harder. Beat your personal best and run at peak performance, the HOKA® way.