What’s your running ritual? A lucky pair of leggings? A certain set of warm up stretches? Whatever you makes you feel ready for your run, we’ve got something that’s pretty essential. HOKA® was founded in 2009 by Nicholas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, two runners who, like you, wanted to achieve their very best. They created a running shoe that improved the experience of running uphill, downhill and everything in-between. Groundbreaking at the time and still game-changing today, Nico and Jean-Luc dared to ask, ‘how do we go faster?’ and over 10 years later world class runners are still choosing to win their races in our shoes.


HOKA® running shoes are designed to work with your natural running gait cycle for soft landing, fast push off and ultra-cushioned ultimate comfort. Favoured by runners around the world - sprinters, hill runners, marathon runners, and 5K runners alike - HOKA® has the technology and design needed to support excellent performance - no matter the goal. Push off in King Abdullah Park with Meta-Rocker geometry to compliment your natural gait cycle and reduce the height differential between heel and toe. Take in your surroundings and strive for greatness knowing your running shoes are at the height of innovation.


With running shoes in a range of sizes and styles for Men and Women, and a unisex design for all, the HOKA® difference is available for everyone. But what is the HOKA® difference? It’s having a running shoe that is the height of innovation, made with true passion, knowledge and determination. It’s knowing that whatever your running goal is, wherever in the world you are, whatever your running ritual is - with HOKA® running shoes you have all you need for peak performance.