Runnning couple wearing Bondi X shoes.
Runnning couple wearing Bondi X shoes.


Founded in 2009 by Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, HOKA®'s mission was to improve downhill descents for super-fast endurance times. We didn't just achieve that though – we reimagined the running shoe. From our Active Foot Frame technology that locks the foot into the midsole to our carbon fibre plates that deliver aggressive propulsion, HOKA® takes runners further than ever before. Looking for footwear that lets you push harder in comfort? Our breathable, ergonomic running shoes are everything you need. From sprinters to marathon runners to casual joggers, HOKA® running shoes support runners through the gait cycle with every single step.


It's no wonder that HOKA® running shoes are loved by pros and weekend runners alike. Our shoes are designed to complement your natural running gait, so you clock your fastest time possible. Meta-Rocker technology reduces the height difference between heel and toe so you can push forward at speed. Intensely cushioned midsoles feel like you're running on air as they deliver shock-absorption and toe-offs more explosive than you thought possible. HOKA® is a Maori word meaning ‘to fly over the earth’ and you'll see exactly what Nicolas and Jean-Luc meant when you take your first step.


Track runners. Trail runners. All-terrain runners. What do we have in common? The drive to reach the finish line with no distractions. With firm foam for stability and extended support to prevent overpronation, our J-Frame™ outer sole is an innovation. Smooth heel-to-toe transitions lead to better form and longer runs. Whether you're running through the urban jungle of Belgrade's Tašmajdan Park or across the forested slopes of Tara National Park, you'll get the traction you need, exactly where you need it. Choose road shoes for stable durability or trail shoes for a ridiculously grippy ride. With unisex styles for Men and Women, HOKA® delivers designs that give runners an edge. All you need to do is lace up.