Take running to the next level in HOKA® shoes – designed by runners, for runners. Our journey began in 2009 when trail runners Nicholas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard set themselves a challenge. Could they create a shoe to improve downhill traction and stability? Since then, we've gone on to design shoes that elevate your performance running uphill, downhill and everything in between. Your run might carry you down the narrow streets of Lisbon, along sparkling Algarve waterfronts, or through the wild beauty of Montesinho Natural Park. Whatever direction you choose, HOKA® running shoes will keep you supported.


Shaving microseconds off your sprint times? Clocking up miles before your next endurance event? Tackling your very first park run? HOKA® running shoes are built to help every runner achieve their running goals – then push beyond them. Clever construction methods give you a lightweight feeling of freedom. Deeply cushioned mid-soles provide powerful impact protection when running on hard surfaces. And our Active Foot Frame delivers unbeatable support for runs that carry you over rough, uneven terrain. Whether you're training for a triathlon, or carving out some hard miles on the treadmill, HOKA® shoes will help you run faster, harder and longer.


You've probably noticed that HOKA® shoes have a distinctive appearance. Our shoes look a little different because we build them around the technology inside. Our Meta-Rocker soles are engineered to smooth out the height difference between your heel and your toes – giving extra power to your toe-off and greater comfort to your landing. HUBBLE® heels feature an extended profile that smooths out the heel-to-toe transition and protects your joints from impact. And our J-Frame™ soles help combat overpronation to protect you from injuries. Run smarter. Put on your HOKA® shoes and hit the road.