Women running in HOKA apparel and the new Bondi X shoe.


Become a racer with HOKA for a chance to win a pair of Bondi X


In 2009, our founders had a question. How can we optimise running shoes for maximum speed and downhill stability? Trail runners Nicholas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard set out with this goal in mind. Stability. Speed. Traction. They committed to bringing those three elements together in one pair of shoes – and they succeeded. Today, the technology our founders created is at the heart of every HOKA® shoe. In the Maori language, HOKA® means 'to fly over the earth'. Our shoes won't make you fly, but they will give you unmatched support every time you run. Park runners, sprinters, triathletes, endurance runners – HOKA® running shoes are beloved by athletes around the world. Our shoes work with you from the starting line-up to the finishing tape, and for every step in between.


Joining friends for a run through Lazienki Park. Running the circumference of Lake Rusalka. Wherever your next run takes you, HOKA® shoes are engineered to help you meet – then exceed – your personal best. We've designed our soles to work with the natural cycle of your running gait. Running in urban spaces? You'll appreciate ultra-deep cushioning that protects your joints, so you can power through the miles in comfort. Feeling the call of the wild? HOKA®'s Active Foot Frame gives you maximum stability on rugged, uneven surfaces by cupping your heel and embedding your foot into the midsole.


If you think our running shoes look a little different, you're not the first to think so. Nobody had made them quite like us before. But once that HOKA® logo started ascending podiums, people understood. We look different because we are different. Good different. Built around innovative technology. Keep an eye out for our PROFLY™ intelligent cushioning that ensures a more responsive toe-off and a softer landing. Stare in awe at the extended profile of our HUBBLE® heels – they deliver a smooth heel-to-toe transition, lessening the impact on your joints. Take in the smart design of our Meta-Rocker soles, which reduce the toe-to-heel height difference to help power you forward. Now. Lace. Up. Those. Shoes. Go achieve running greatness.