Designed by runners, for runners. HOKA® shoes are made to help you reach your running goals, then power through them. Our journey began in 2009. Dedicated runners Nicholas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard set out to create shoes that optimised stability and traction on downhill runs. Since then, we've created shoes to support runners in every discipline – from 5K first-timers to committed sprinters and endurance runners, and everyone in between. HOKA® is a Maori word, meaning 'to fly over the earth'. Try our running shoes and find out what inspired us to choose that name.


Early-morning solo runs around Bergen. Tackling the Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon. Whatever your next goal, HOKA® running shoes will help you get the most from every stride. We choose lightweight materials that set you free to power through your distance goals. Cleverly engineered PROFLY™ midsoles work with your natural running gait cycle, delivering strong push-offs and protecting your joints from the impact of landing. Ultra-cushioned soles provide outstanding support when you're running on hard surfaces. Is a wilderness run calling to you? HOKA®'s Active Foot Frame technology cups your heel and embeds your foot into the midsole for ultimate stability on uneven terrain.


When HOKA® shoes made their debut, their unique looks raised a few eyebrows. But our silhouettes are a result of the innovative technology that supports you while running. Our Meta-Rocker geometry reduces the height difference between your toes and your heel to help power you forward. PROFLY™ intelligent cushioning gives a more responsive toe-off and a softer landing. And our extended HUBBLE® heel creates a smoother transition from heel to toe, lessening the impact on your body. Dedicated runners around the world choose HOKA® shoes to carry them to the finish line and beyond. Isn't it time you got in on the action?