Reach your true potential with running shoes built to go the distance. HOKA® is a Maori word meaning ‘to fly over the earth’ - and with our J-Frame™ outer sole with Active Foot Frame technology - you’ll feel like you’re doing just that. HOKA® was founded in in 2009 by Nicholas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, two runners, who like you, were looking for the best shoes to achieve optimum performance. We’ve gone from strength to strength, ever since. Get all you’d expect from a running shoe, with added endurance, excellence and innovation - the HOKA® experience.


Whether you’re running uphill or downhill, on the track or pounding the pavement - HOKA® has the running shoe ready to propel you towards your personal best. HOKA® running shoes are designed to work with your natural running gait cycle for soft landing, fast push off and ultra-cushioned ultimate comfort. Favoured by runners around the world - sprinters, hill runners, marathon runners and 5K runners alike - HOKA® has the technology and design needed to support excellent performance - no matter the goal. Push off in Park Monaco with Meta-Rocker geometry to compliment your natural gait cycle and reduce the height differential between heel and toe. Take in your surroundings and strive for running greatness knowing your running shoes are simply game-changing.


HOKA® has redefined intelligent cushioning. Delivering a two-part midsole that delivers a cushioned landing and responsive toe-off, ensuring that when you’re powerful across Parc Princesse Antoinette, your mind is on the path ahead - all else taken care of. Running isn’t always easy, but once you discover the true HOKA® difference, you’ll know that every step is possible. Explore our range HOKA® running shoes for Men and Women, with unisex designs for all.