Pounding the pavements in Riga? Headed to the breathtaking forest views of Gauja National Park and looking for a steep ascent? Take each step in unparralleled comfort and enhanced cushioning with HOKA. Perfect fits, widths and soles for men and women, you're bound to find the perfect pair of running shoes for you. Taking into account everything from your usual running styles and habits to your gait cycle, it's time for a running experience like you've never felt before.


With our roots in American soil, you could say we know a thing or two about chasing a dream. HOKA started out with two runners looking for the number one thing we just couldn't find - a running shoes that held up to different distances and terrains with no trouble, giving maximum support, flexibility and comfort to the wearer. Back in 2009, we saw more running shoes catered to aesthetics and style over ergonomic design and durability. That's how we created the HOKA ONE ONE, the ultimate runners shoe. We've created a variety of different running shoes since then, each carefully honed, designed and refined according to your running style, distance and gait - but the HOKA ONE ONE remains a favourite to this day.


Supreme cushioning to prevent injury and soften impact. Ultra light for a weightless gait. Enhanced stability and support with every step. All of these traits are HOKA signatures, designed with one purpose in mind: maximum speed. Originally designed to improve downhill stability and traction, our original HOKA ONE ONE changed the game, introducing groundbreaking ergonomic technology and redefining running shoes. Favoured by runners the world over, HOKA running shoes help propel you towards your personal best - whether you’re new to running or training for your next ultra marathon.