HOKA® comes from a Maori word meaning 'to fly over the earth'. The first time you put on a pair of our shoes, you'll understand why we chose that name. Our story began in 2009 when dedicated trail-runners Nicholas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard set out to build a shoe with increased downhill stability. Since then, we've been proud to be chosen by runners in every discipline and distance. From fun family runs and park sprints to the challenge of the Vilnius marathon, HOKA® shoes will help you reach your running goals – then power past them.


HOKA® running shoes were invented to satisfy a single obsession: how can we create the best running shoes in the world? Our shoes work with your natural running gait to optimise your performance, from more efficient push-offs to cushioned landings. Heading out into the wild? The supportive heel cradle of our Active Foot Frame keeps you safe and stable as you conquer the toughest inclines and the most challenging terrains. Ready to power through a few miles of track or roadside running? Our shoes use ultra-deep cushioning to deliver outstanding shock absorption and protect your joints from hard surfaces. Wherever you are in your running journey, HOKA® shoes will help you achieve your dreams.


When HOKA® first started appearing at running events, our shoes' unique looks got lots of attention. But as the runners starting winning races, we knew we were doing something right. From two-part midsoles that give more responsive toe-offs, to our extended HUBBLE® heel that improves heel-to-toe transitions – our designs are shaped by our revolutionary technologies. Discover the game-changing geometry of our Meta-Rocker, which drives your movement forward. Stay comfortable on the longest runs with our ultra-cushioned midsoles. Your next running adventure awaits – put on your new HOKA® shoes and enjoy every second of it.