For runners, by runners. Each pair of HOKA® running shoes are built exclusively to take your performance to the next level; from marathon to muddy field and everywhere in between. Whether you’re pounding the pavements in Nur-Sultan or catching a sunrise and breathtaking views across Qarqaraly National Park during a long distance weekend run, the HOKA® difference guarantees a smooth ride, every time. With enhanced cushioning for maximum durability, endurance and performance are increased - like you’re running on air.


HOKA® started out with roots in US soil, but with a truly global vision - to revolutionise the journey of runners around the world. Founded in 2009 by Jean-Luc Diard and Nicholas Mermoud, HOKA® set out to create running shoes that take into account every aspect of your run - from shock absorption upon impact to a smooth ride and traction on the ground and an ultra lightweight push off - so every step feels as light as air. Made for ultimate comfort and support, HOKA® running shoes guarantee ultimate performance, from training days to ultramarathons.


Smoother heel to toe transitions. Comfort and power throughout your gait cycle. Ergonomically engineered, every pair of HOKA® running shoes for Men and Women are maximised for the ultimate run - purpose built for perseverance, power and progress. From trail running styles to race running shoes, discover our full range of styles for all weathers, terrain and distances. For beginners and seasoned runners alike, there’s a pair of HOKA® training shoes to take you from A to B, from home to the finish line. So lace up a pair and discover the HOKA® experience for yourself. It’s time to push your limits, reach your targets and reach that PB. With HOKA®, anything is possible.