Women running in HOKA apparel and the new Bondi X shoe.


Become a racer with HOKA for a chance to win a pair of Bondi X


Push yourself further with HOKA® running shoes. Named after the Maori word meaning ‘to fly over the earth’, the HOKA® experience is designed to elevate your performance on the road, track, field or wherever your run takes you. Since being founded by Jean-Luc Diard and Nicholas Mermoud in 2009, our brand has upped the game to help you reach your potential. This is thanks in part to our cushioned PROFLY™ dual-density midsole and J-Frame™ outer sole with Active Foot Frame technology.


Sprints, relays, hill runs, 10ks, and marathons – no matter how you run, HOKA® is with you every step of the way. So whether you’re taking on craggy mountain trails in the Northwest, breezing along a scenic route through the Tuscan countryside, or sprinting through the city streets in Rome, HOKA® running shoes provide the comfort, stability and support you need to succeed. Think soft landings, fast push-offs, and supremely-cushioned comfort in between. Whether you’re a part-time runner or a professional, with HOKA® that personal best is in sight – all you have to do is seize the moment and take it.


HOKA® was built by runners for runners – and it shows in our signature traits. From our ultra-cushioning that helps you avoid injury and reduces the impact on your body from your strides, to our groundbreaking ergonomic design that offers stability and traction with every step – our pioneering approach to running is as innovative today as it always has been. No wonder we’re favoured by runners all over the world. So whether you’re giving your first 5k a try, or are a seasoned ultramarathon runner, take yourself to the next level with the HOKA® experience.