Runnning couple wearing Bondi X shoes.
Runnning couple wearing Bondi X shoes.


In 2009, trail-running fanatics Jean-Luc Diard and Nicholas Mermoud set themselves a challenge. Their goal? To create a shoe that would improve downhill stability and traction. When runners around the world began winning races in HOKA® shoes, we knew we'd created something special. Our shoes are obsessively engineered to support you through every step and every mile – whether you're trying your first 5k, tackling Midnight Sun Runs around Reykjavik or competing in the final leg of the Iceland Extreme Triathlon. 'HOKA® is a Maori word meaning 'to fly across the earth'. Take our running shoes for a spin and discover this feeling for yourself.


From the starting signal to the finish line, and every stride between, HOKA® running shoes are designed to optimise your run. Our shoes work with your natural running gait cycle to deliver strong toe-offs, shock-absorbing landings and a lightweight feeling throughout your run. Increase the speed of your sprint. Smash your distance goals on road and track runs. Make every second count on the treadmill. No matter what your running style, our shoes will help you maximise your performance. Heading off into the wild? Trust HOKA® running shoes to carry you safely across any terrain, from rocky beaches to uneven plains and up the sides of volcanoes.


THE HOKA® DIFFERENCE comes from the unique technologies that go into our running shoes. PROFLY™ intelligent cushioning adds extra power and responsiveness to your push-offs. Meta-Rocker geometry balances the height difference between your heel and your toe to complement your natural gait cycle. Our extended HUBBLE® heels create smooth transitions and limit the impact on your joints. And our Active Foot Frame cradles your heels and embeds your foot in the midsole for matchless support. From substantial trail-running designs to ultra-lightweight racing silhouettes, HOKA® shoes will help you fly past your goals.