Refreshing coastal runs in Tel Aviv. Extreme endurance events across desert sands. HOKA® running shoes help keep those legs pumping. All kinds of runners. All styles of running. In 2009, Jean-Luc Diard and Nicholas Mermoud had a vision. A vision of the ultimate running shoe. Now, those shoes have been bursting across finishing lines for years. In Maori, HOKA® means 'to fly over the earth,'. And when you slip on a pair of our innovative creations, that phrase will be ringing in your ears. Are you prepping for the race of your life? Or maybe you just love to run? Either way, we're ready when you are.


When you run downhill, traction and speed are the names of the game. The first pair of HOKA® shoes were designed with that in mind. And since creating the first game-changing technologies to achieve our goal, we've optimised every part of our shoes to meet the needs of today's runners. Work on your sprinting game with PROFLY™ cushioning, which delivers powerful push-offs. Reduce your risk of injury from overpronation with supportive J-Frame™ soles. If urban running is your thing, our deep and responsive cushioned midsoles ensure maximum shock absorption as you pound the pavement. Whether you're trying out your first 5K or training hard for the Volcano Race across the Golan Heights, HOKA® shoes are with you for every stride and every mile.


HOKA® running shoes look different because they are different. Our Meta-Rocker geometry balances out the height difference between your toes and your heel, maximising your natural gait cycle and driving you forward. The extension of our HUBBLE® heel reduces impact on your body and promotes smoother transitions. Dedicated wilderness runners love the support and stability of our Active Foot Frame, which cradles the heel and embeds your midsole into your shoe. At HOKA®, we're committed to giving you the shoes you need to run further, faster, longer and more comfortably. What are you waiting for?