HOKA® shoes are created for runners, by runners. In 2009, passionate trail-runners Jean-Luc Diard and Nicholas Mermoud set out to build a new running shoe. Today, HOKA® is acclaimed for our groundbreaking technology, helping runners everywhere to achieve their goals. Active Foot Frames, J-Frame™ outer soles and cushioned PROFLY™ dual-density midsoles work in harmony to give you the support you need. Whether you're setting out on your first run or tackling your latest endurance challenge, HOKA® shoes are with you for every stride. In the Maori tongue, HOKA® means 'to fly over the earth'. Lace up our running shoes and discover what that feels like.


The HOKA® journey began with the goal of increasing downhill traction and stability. These days, our shoes help runners to smash through their targets on every terrain. Try out the track on Margaret Island in Budapest. Burn through the miles of the Mátrabérc ultramarathon. Or simply reacquaint yourself with your local neighbourhood. HOKA® running shoes will support you at every step. They work with your natural running gait cycle to give you powerful push-offs, cushioned landings and a light-as-air feeling in between. Whatever your passion – sprinting, endurance or the joy of running itself – our shoes are for you. Lace up and discover why runners across the world choose HOKA® to exceed their goals.


When runners started winning races in HOKA® shoes, we knew our innovations were having an impact. Our Active Foot Frame cradles your heel and embeds your foot securely into the midsole. Meta Rocker soles balance the height difference across your foot to help drive you forward. Our extended HUBBLE® heel restricts the impact on your body and creates smoother transitions. The result? A shoe that sets you free to push past your limits. From novice runners trying their first 5k to sprinters shaving microseconds off their PB – wherever your journey takes you, HOKA® shoes will help you get there.