The one principle at the heart of everything we do at HOKA®? Passion. Created by runners for runners, our high-performance shoes are designed to help you feel unstoppable on the trail. Whether you've just completed your first 5k or are preparing for your tenth marathon, our running shoes are inspired by you. Your dedication, your energy and yes – your passion. Founded in 2009 by runners Jean-Luc Diard and Nicholas Mermoud, HOKA® is now known across the world for pushing the boundaries of innovation.


In the beginning, our founders asked a question: "How do we go faster?" The answer, they came to find out, was HOKA® running shoes. From cushioned support around the ankle to feather-light construction for unrestricted movement, every detail is engineered as a solution to the challenges we face as runners. That's what made our shoes groundbreaking in 2009, and what makes them game-changers today. All of these elements come together to offer an elevated experience that's less like running, more like floating on air. It's no wonder that HOKA® means 'to fly over the earth' in Maori. Our shoes are built to bring out your optimum running performance – so, get ready for personal bests.


So, what makes HOKA® stand out from the competition? It definitely has something to do with our cushioned PROFLY™ dual density midsole, which allows for seriously accelerated take-offs and smooth-as-butter landings. Or maybe it's the J-Frame™ outer sole with Active Foot Frame technology, which maximises the power of your running gait. Yes, we go the extra mile when it comes to innovation. Lace up our ergonomic designs for next-level traction on hills, pavements and unpredictable terrain. Whether you choose to run around the atmospheric, walled city of Dubrovnik or enjoy a scenic trail through Plitvice Lakes National Park, HOKA® running shoes will get you there in comfort.