Fly over the earth with our HOKA Shoe Finder, created to help you find the perfect running shoe for you. Perfect for first time runners and seasoned runners alike looking for the next level running shoe. Begin by simply choosing your activity (including road running and trail running to hiking and working out in the gym) and your preferred design by style (Men’s, Women’s or Unisex). Then our shoe finder will determine the right running shoe for you according to your training intensity and frequency, the support required for your personal gait (neutral, underpronation and overpronation) and ending with your fit (standard or wide fit) and comfort needs with our specialist cushioned support.


A shoe finder is a short interactive online questionnaire that helps you determine what kind of shoe is right for you. HOKA’s running shoe finder takes into account a huge variety of factors; what kind of running you like to do and how often you run, as well as how long you like to run for. So whether you’re a 100M sprint runner or a 56k plus ultra marathon runner, every step needs to have complete stability with the utmost in ergonomic support, with maximum cushioning for true comfort for all gaits, all distances and all runners - whoever you are and however you like to run.


The HOKA shoe finder is a super quick way to select a running shoe that fits your chosen activity frequency, intensity and type. Whether you’re road running, trail running or perhaps looking for an all day shoe to take you from A to B or even recovery footwear, our shoe finder will help you find what you’re looking for. Once you’ve selected all the answers best suited to you, our running shoe finder will give you 3 running shoes to choose from, filtered and tailored to your bespoke requirements - a good match, a great match and a best match. From there, the choice - and the journey - is yours to decide.