Women running in HOKA apparel and the new Bondi X shoe.


Become a racer with HOKA for a chance to win a pair of Bondi X


What does it mean to wear a pair of HOKA® running shoes? Find wings to fly over the earth, road, mountain or treadmill - from the winding streets of Barcelona to the undulating hills of Andalucia. At home, at the gym, during your first ever 5k run or after your 10th ultra marathon, we’re with you - every step of the way. HOKA® shoes are built for runners, by runners. Running is our world and we want to be part of yours, wherever you go next. Discover the true HOKA® difference for Men and Women, built for your best ever run and with styles and fits for all. It’s time for your new personal best.


Heard of HOKA® before? Then you’ll already know about our commitment to comfort, passion for performance and dedication to great design. If you’re new around here, allow us to introduce you to the next generation of running shoes. Founded in 2009 by Jean-Luc Diard and Nicholas Mermoud, HOKA® set out with one mission in mind - to revolutionise your run (and being runners ourselves, the bar was high). Since our very first pair of HOKA ONEs, we’d like to say that we’ve come a long way since 2009 - which is true if you measured our steps in miles and marathons. The fact is we still have the same ethos, spirit and love of creating the best running shoes in the world today as we always did.


So what is the difference you hear about with every pair of HOKA® running shoes? Perhaps it’s our Active Foot Frame technology for your best ever fit, or our J-Frame™ outer sole and light as air PROFLY™ dual-density midsole for a stable gait and improved performance on every run - whether that’s a sprint around the block or your first ultra marathon. Our ultra cushioned, ergonomic designs guarantee your most comfortable run, so you can focus on pushing your limits. Welcome to HOKA® Spain.