At HOKA®, we're proud to say we revolutionised the running shoe. In 2009, Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard began their inventive partnership. Their objective? To harness the power of technology to create the ultimate running shoe. HOKA® – a Maori word meaning ‘to fly over the earth’ – reflects these aspirations. From our J-Frame™ outer soles with Active Foot Frame technology to our cushioned PROFLY™ dual density midsoles, our shoes are built to help you soar. Whether your chosen terrain is the track, the road or the great outdoors, the engineered brilliance of HOKA® shoes will help you achieve running greatness. Push through your endurance limits and find the speed you never knew you had.


Working on my 5K novices. Aspiring Tallinn marathoners. Triathlon fanatics. Back-to-nature Lahemaa wilderness runners. The-office-won't-stop-me treadmill runners. From sprinters to long-distance champions and everyone in between, you'll get the support you need from HOKA® running shoes. They work with your natural running gait to give you a fast push-off and a soft landing. The result? You'll run further. Faster. Longer. Fly over uneven ground and tricky terrain. Unlock the power to conquer uphill runs. Find extra stability on downhill sprints. Whatever your running goal, HOKA® running shoes will gives you the support you need to get there.


At the starting line of our HOKA® journey, we had a simple question: how could we design a running shoe that increased downhill traction and stability? When runners put on our shoes and started winning races, the world took notice. Today, we focus relentlessly on a single purpose – maximum speed. Industry-leading ergonomic designs cushion the impact of landing and protect against injury. Meta-rocker soles balance the height difference between your heel and toes to drive you forward. Active Foot Frames cradle your heel and embed your foot safely in your shoe. Ultra-light materials ensure a weightless gait. HOKA® shoes are designed by runners, for runners. Let's keep moving together.