What makes you feel your best on the trail? Whether it's ultra-light constructions for speedy take-offs or padded cushioning for unbeatable comfort, HOKA® running shoes deliver 100%. Based in the US, but loved worldwide, HOKA® was founded by Nicholas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard in 2009. As runners themselves, they know how important flexible fits and ergonomic silhouettes are on both track and field. And after asking themselves, "How do we go faster?", they started a modern running revolution. /p>


From sprinters to endurance runners, from 5k-lovers to marathon-finishers, HOKA® celebrates you as a runner. Our running shoes are designed to keep you going mile after mile, thanks to cushioned PROFLY™ dual density midsoles that feel light on your feet. HOKA® means 'to fly over the earth' in Maori. We think you'll agree that's an apt description once you've taken our high-performance shoes for a spin. All-weather finishes protect you from changing conditions, while Meta-Rocker geometry works with your gait cycle. And with a range of sizes for both Men and Women, you'll find the right pair for you. Whether you love winding coastal routes or rugged mountain landscapes, there's a pair of HOKA® running shoes that'll help you fly.


Designed by runners for runners, HOKA® shoes were made for one purpose: achieving maximum speed. And with Belarus' network of incredible routes – from the leafy Zialiony Luh Forest Park in Minsk to the historic city of Grodno – you'll have plenty of opportunities to experience this for yourself. Every tiny detail has been engineered for optimum performance. Think mesh panels for ventilation, padded ankle collars for stability and support and grippy soles for maximum traction on even the most unpredictable terrain. Wherever you choose to test yourself, HOKA® running shoes will be up for the challenge.