As a runner, you need shoes you can rely on. Enter HOKA® running shoes, which put comfort and performance at the top of the priority list. So, what next-level features can you expect? Think cushioned midsoles that offer bounce with every stride. Light-as-air construction that never weighs you down. J-Frame™ outer soles with Active Foot Frames that propel you forward. Whether you're a marathon runner or a round-the-block sprinter, HOKA® running shoes are dedicated to you.


It was a single question that started a running revolution back in 2009 – "How can we go faster?" Founders (and runners) Jean-Luc Diard and Nicholas Mermoud created HOKA® running shoes with maximum speed in mind. The rest is history. These high-performance shoes are built for high-impact downhill stretches, tough elevations, rocky surfaces and sandy beaches. Whether you're running through the epic landscapes of Una National Park or testing yourself on the Jahorina Ultra Trail, our shoes will support you each step of the way. In Maori, HOKA® means 'to fly over the earth'. Take them for a spin and find out why.


Cushioned PROFLY™ dual density midsoles for fast take-offs and soft landings. Overlays for added support and protection in unpredictable weather. Gusseted tongues which stay put, whatever your speed. HOKA® running shoes were crafted to meet the challenges faced by runners head-on. If you're aiming for a new personal best or training for your first race, our shoes will help you achieve running greatness. From your first step to the last, Meta-Rocker geometry complements your natural gait cycle to give you supreme comfort. Groundbreaking ergonomic technology moves with your feet without ever slowing you down. So, why not see how fast you can go? Experience the HOKA® revolution for yourself.